Do you live in a city?

I have something important to share with you!

 It’s about your knowledge on plants!

It is not only essential but highly beneficial for you to know about home gardening. It is a highly desirable life skill. It has so many benefits. Whether you are a child, adult, or a retired person, you must know about plants and gardening.

1.       Plants in and around your home bring a lot of positive vibrations.

2.       Plants not only beautify your home, but they bring life energy.

3.       Several house plants generate more oxygen and absorb harmful toxins found in almost all homes.

4.       NASA has conducted research, and they have proven that plants are beneficial for every home.

5.       Gardening is a beneficial habit that keeps you active and agile it is suitable for everyone.

6.       You can grow your fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

7.       You can extend a friendly gesture to your neighbors by giving away your homegrown vegetables and fruits.

8.       You can share your knowledge about plants and gardening with your friends and neighbors and earn popularity.

9.       You help your neighbors and others to breed pure air and improve the environment of the neighborhood.

10.   You can have fantastic satisfaction that you are protecting nature and contributing your might to stop global warming.

Why is it that we find gardening so tricky? Why do we fail with so many plants?

 Most city dwellers are aware that it is good to have plants at home, but they find it very challenging to look after and maintain the plants.

Maintenance of plants it’s not as difficult as we think. The main reason is we do not know the fundamentals of plant care. We try to rare plants with a trial-and-error method which is not always successful. We ask for solutions from our friends and relatives we depend on and unskilled Malis and gardeners. We spend a lot of time on YouTube videos, but all of these do not take us forward.

I have come across so many people who think that if we have plants, mosquitoes will breed, which is a myth and misconception. Mosquitoes can breed if there is water stagnation in pots.

Based on my practical experience with over 2500 varieties of plants, I have designed a course for five days in which I teach all the fundamentals, and by following them, you can become an expert. I have designed the course in such an exciting and straightforward format with small tips and tricks that will make gardening fun for you for the rest of your life.

Green-Guru Dinesh Rawat.