Importance of Home Garden

A Home Without Garden Is Incomplete

  • A home without a garden is like a delicious dish without salt. The blooming and growing of plants fill our souls with immense satisfaction and joy. It is indeed a pleasure to witness new emerging leaves, buds, flowers, and fruits! Plants create liveliness and vibrancy in the atmosphere. Above all, they are exquisite ornaments to adorn our house in many colors and shades; they are the most beautiful and meaningful gift of nature!
  •  Urbanization is taking place worldwide at an unprecedented rate, and land space per head is getting squeezed day by day. We have come into such an age that most of us have become apartment dwellers of multi-storeyed buildings. The air around us is quite polluted. Under these circumstances, it is essential to have a home garden and go Green.
  •  NASA and ALCA (Associated Landscape Contractors of America) conducted a study in the late 1980s and found that plants purify the air inside a house. It is a fact that plants convert carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen through photosynthesis. Still, very few of us know that they also remove harmful elements such as trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is used in many building materials, including particleboard and foam insulations. Additionally, many cleaning products contain this chemical. Benzene is a common solvent found in oils and paints. Trichloroethylene is used in paints, adhesives, inks, and varnishes.
  •  Plants are not only soothing to our eyes but looking at Green is also suitable for our eyesight. The flora provides a pleasant aroma. Many utility plants like Basil (Tulsi), Aloe-vera, Neem, Curry leaves, All-spice, Ajwain, Chili, Lime, Lemongrass, etc., can be useful in our daily life. It is believed that Tulsi promotes longevity and lifelong happiness. If we have sizable space, we can even enjoy the pleasure of growing some vegetables organically, which is good for our health as well. We can also have the satisfaction of growing seasonal flowers; it all depends on how much space we have at our disposal.

Home Gardening in Life